Somatic Anatomy®

Make friends with your body again.

You used to work (out) hard and play hard. Your body was right there with you and did what you wanted, joyfully.

Now too many things hurt and you;re afraid you;re getting old and will never be able to feel in tune with your body again.

We can fix that. Fast.

Then you can get back to being friends with your body.

What can we help you with today?

Explore your anatomy efficiently and enjoyably

  • Exploratory movement in a structured group environment
  • Create ways to take care of your own body through understanding
  • Work with specific anatomical structures as an entry point to your understanding and self-healing

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Work one-on-one with an expert to get:

  • Individualized attention
  • The most effective cues and exercises for YOU
  • An instructor who will make sure you get it in your body as well as in your mind so you can take control of your pain and your body!

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Want to go deeper in your anatomy studies?

  • Get info on all the joints of the body
  • Learn how to apply your anatomy knowledge through on every common injury per body part
  • Self-paced video learning runs on your schedule

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Prefer to work through your exercises in real time, face-to-face?

  • Personal training sessions available in Chelsea NYC
  • Specializing in post-rehab and pain relief
  • Get ALL the personal attention you’re looking for to keep your body working out efficiently and effectively

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At Somatic Anatomy, we believe 3 things:

  1. People who understand their bodies also respect, appreciate, and love their bodies.
  2. Anatomy isn’t just a prerequisite, it’s the gateway to understanding your body.
  3. Anatomy class should be bloody well fun!

We’re also pretty into:

  • movement-based practical applications
  • self-care
  • body awareness, and
  • making connections among body parts and body systems.

(But you can find out more about that in our classes.)

Be Anatomically Correct

We use breathwork, Laban language, body systems, and of course, the relevant gross anatomy as the core and center of our work.

And the more you learn with us, the more confident you’ll feel as a teacher, and the more people you’ll be able to help. You’ll be able to set yourself apart from the thousands of other teachers out there. And you’ll have the support of a community of experienced peers or dedicated newcomers who are committed to deepening their understanding to be a better teacher and guide for their people.

Come enjoy your anatomy with us.

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Group Classes and Trainings

We do these online or at your studio. Contact us directly to set something up that will fit your teachers’ needs.

Private Movement Therapy Session

Got injuries? Wish someone would just look at you and tell you how to deal with them? Click the button and let’s make that happen.

Private/Small Group Anatomy Tutoring

Got specific questions that can’t be answered in a class? Want someone to analyze your movement patterns? Wish you had an anatomy mentor?

“I am not only breathing differently, but I visualize the trunk differently and for sure am teaching better breathing skills to my clients as of this [Diaphragm Anatomy] class. Thank you, Lissa Michalak and Dana Davison!”— Gail Giovanello, Owner, Mind Your Body studios, NYC (

“I loved the way Lissa taught us in an interactive way where we could literally FEEL the different parts she was teaching us about! I found that I was better able to retain the information she shared because I not only HEARD it, but I felt it and felt connected to it.”— Karissa Brennan, LMHC, DCC founder of Cloud Counseling (

“These gals lie not! They speak the truth! Truly the best somatic anatomy class I’ve ever experienced. Just talk to my pelvis; it thanks you!”— Amber Espar, creative movement teacher/festival coordinator/somatic movement therapist, Boston, MA

“After the Upper Limbs workshop, I felt open, free, and breath-filled.”

— Sarah Pope, dance and fitness instructor, NYC

“If you think anatomy classes are dry, think again! It was such a fun experience! And when you have fun you remember things. The embodiment and getting up to move helps you to experience your own anatomy, and the hands-on touching your own anatomy is such a rich experience. I recommend this class to everybody. I wish all anatomy classes were as fun as yours!

–Stephanie Butler, Pilates teacher/somatic movement therapist, Vancouver, BC

“I love this [Breathing Series] class! So interesting, and I learn things from a different perspective that I can apply to myself and my clients. I’m ready to move on in my own studies to a new level of knowledge, and I can get that here.”

–Alexa Thorson, Pilates instructor, NYC

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