Play With Your Anatomy

Get rid of pain by building awareness in your body

Join me for a 2-hour group experience, where we’ll use specific movements to:

  • Shift our mindsets
  • Reduce pain
  • Improve our ranges of motion
  • and more!

Next session TBA– vote on dates in The Anatomy Party

by 3/6 at midnight EST!

We’ll explore our abilities to change our own mental state through the power of movement alone– to energize ourselves, or calm and ground.

The first 5 to sign up will get individualized feedback on their postural habits, and how to change them to look, feel, and move better immediately.

$97 for 2 hours of done-with-you healing.

You’ll leave the class feeling focused, relaxed, and energized— and you’ll know how to feel like that any time you want.

Wear something you can move in and join us from a space you feel comfortable and unconstrained in your movement.