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An average self-insured company can spend up to a third of their healthcare budget on orthopedic surgery and attendant costs– which can be huge!

Back problems and surgical complications were among the 10 most expensive conditions billed to health care in 2013.

Younger people are opting for joint replacements at younger ages, increasing knee and hip replacements by 17 and 33 percent respectively. (So your younger workforce will need joint replacements sooner than your older workforce!

Oh– and let’s not forget that in 2017, opioids accounted for 2/3 of overdose deaths, according to the CDC.

The number of deaths from movement therapy overdose?


I can save your company at least one $40,000 knee surgery per quarter just by coming in to your office once or twice a month and working on your employees– for a lot less than $40,000/quarter!

Save Your Company Money And Keep Your Employees Off Drugs.

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