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Video Classes!

Here’s everything you need to know about injury prevention and post-rehab work for your clients.

(Not an instructor?

Here’s where you learn to prevent your own injuries

and deepen your practice like a pro.)

No yoga, Pilates, dance, or fitness instructor ever wants to hurt a client.

But sometimes it happens– clients are deconditioned, they go beyond their own abilities, or they just come to you already injured.

That’s why these videos are so important, both to you and your clients.

Because now, you can learn the anatomy and applied skills you need to protect yourself and your clients–all from the comfort of your own home.

If you’re not an instructor, here’s where you’ll learn extremely effective tools to manage your own pain, which will

  • Deepen your current practice from the cellular (or anatomical!) level
  • Make your massage, chiropractic, workout and other self-care sessions more effective and efficient
  • Help your body feel better.

Here’s my student Kelly Jo talking about her experience with my neck video series. She went from neck pain so bad it kept her from sleeping to neck happiness–and good sleep at last!

These videos are arranged in manageable chunks that fit your schedule and learning style, with the ability to watch and rewatch as often as you like!


Get the dirt on the whole body through the lens of a specific (and common) injury.

In the Joints and Injuries classes, we:

  • Look at major muscles and muscle groups in important regions of the body.
  • See examples of how to work with them through the example of one specific injury.
  • Learn how to reposition the body to reduce pain and increase freedom of motion.
  • Explore body systems outside the musculoskeletal system to find underused support options for better movement.

Each class is made up of 5-7 videos of approximately 30 minutes each, and each series is accompanied by 5 handouts with images and text (with all the Latin and Greek your heart could desire!).

Where would you like to start?
  • Joints and Injuries: Head, Neck, and Working With Neck Disc Injuries
    • Get the hows and whys of neck pain, and never fear working with a client with neck disc injuries again!
    • $129
    • Purchase here (please specify in the Notes section which video you are purchasing)
  • Joints and Injuries: Shoulder Anatomy and Freeing Frozen Shoulders
    • Whether or not you have clients with frozen shoulders, you’ll learn a ton about improving shoulder range of motion here– something everyone needs at some point!
    • $129
    • Purchase here (please specify in the Notes section which video you are purchasing)
  • Joints and Injuries: Low Back Anatomy and Reducing Lower Back Pain
    • General low back pain is something 80 percent of Amerans experience at one point or another. Understand what’s going on and how to work with it in these videos.
    • $129
    • Purchase here (please specify in the Notes section which video you are purchasing)
  • Upper Body Pack:
    • Get all 3 body parts (Head/Neck, Shoulder, and Low Back)–and be ready for anything in the upper kinetic chain!
    • $347
    • Purchase here

COMING SOON: (In fact, coming this week!)

These videos are still in production; watch for their release on our mailing list!

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  • Joints and Injuries: HipĀ  Anatomy and Working With Hip Replacements
    • Labral tears, arthritis, and range of motion issues can all lead to hip replacements. Learn how to help people keep their own hip joints as long as possible, and how to work with clients who have already gotten hip replacements.
    • $129
  • Joints and Injuries: Knee Anatomy and Sorting Out Knee Pain
    • The knee has unusual mechanics that set it up for trouble– learn what those are, and why hip and foot position can be vital to stopping knee pain!
    • $129
  • Joints and Injuries: Foot Anatomy and Plantar Fasciitis Relief
    • Nobody ever teaches about feet in enough depth– and they’re the base on which the whole body rests! Organize the feet for good whole-body support, and learn how to keep your feet healthy, happy, and pain-free!
    • $129
  • Lower Body Pack:
    • Get all 3 body parts (Hip Joints, Knees, and Feet) for a full understanding of the lower kinetic chain.
    • $347
  • Full Body Pack:
    • You want it all? We got it all! For the instructor or student who wants to be prepared for anything; get the whole enchilada here so you can get the full-body perspective and see how everything links together.
    • All 6 video classes for $600
    • Want all of them before they’re done? Pre-pay today by clicking here, and you’ll get the first 3 videos now, and the next 3 as soon as they’re ready.